Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty.....

I was reminded by Nan (aka my Mom) that I haven't posted an update in quite some time. It's been busy at the home front and time is just passing by. I commend all my blogger friends for being so dedicated with keeping their blogs updated. I do enjoy peeking in on a regular basis for updates and for that reason, I will just hang my head in shame as I just haven't been committed these last few weeks. Hopefully this entry will get me out of my funk and I'll be back on track.

Noah seems to have turned the corner on his health. It appears he may have been having a reaction to the prevacid. On the prevacid he had a bad rash on his legs, arms, stomach and around his mouth . Along with vomiting & diarrhea. His new GI Dr. ( who I like very much) said he it may be an odd reaction and he switched him to prilosec. He seems to be doing better. He is more energetic than he has been in months and actually sleeping much better at night. I suppose I would sleep a little better too, if I would be brave enough to turn the monitor down about 100 decibels. My poor DH, never once has he complained about the "static monster" humming all through the night. He understands it just gives me a peace of mind and for that I thank him dearly.

Noah took his 2nd plane ride. This time to NC to throw my sister her baby shower. It was a short flight, just 1 hour and he did awesome. He loved looking out the window and pulling the shade up and down. Thanks goodness the passenger in front of us enjoyed Noah's games!

It was a short trip to NC, arrived on Friday and left Sunday morning. We packed in a lot with both my sisters and Mom. Noah absolutely fell in love with my sister's cat Kallie and his PT would have been proud of him. He crawled and crawled after Kallie. I wish I had a video of him chasing her around the suitcase and up the stairs. The pictures do not do it any justices. But who can resist picture of our big boy.

Some milestone updates, Noah is starting to cruise. He can take 2-3 steps along furniture and is starting to take steps behind his wagon. He is still weak in his mid section but definitely has the strength in his legs. We are going to start working on the exercise ball again. WE meaning both Noah and I.

He is now signing, More, Eat, Milk, Thank You, Hat, Itsy Bitsy Spider (soo cute), Dog, & All done & blows sweet kisses. He is starting to understand NO but chooses not to listen most times.
"Itsy Bitsy Spider" w/ Aunt Melissa

"More Swing"

Our sweet dog Cody needs to have leg surgery as he tore his ACL. This is not something new to us, as he tore his ACL on his left leg 3yrs ago. After next week, we will have a dog with bionic legs. He hasn't been feeling well and Noah has been trying real hard to comfort him. Isn't he soo precious.
I hope I covered most things worthy of spilling over the web. Continued extra prayers to my friends Chelsea, Parker & Rhett and their families, as well to all those in need of prayers. Cheers, Terry


amy flege said...

glad to see an update! mr noah is doing awesome!!!!!

Megan said...

Yay for an update!! I am thrilled to hear that the prilosec is making a big difference. That is great news!

Love the pics, and WTG on the cruising!!!!

And I hope Cody does well with surgery.


Michelle said...

Love the pics! My goodness that looks like a steep staircase! and I love the pic of him signing more on the swings! Glad to hear he's sleeping better at night if only you could let go a little w/the monitor and get some sleep LOL

We got your huge box of clothes on Thur! Thank you ever so much; I really appreciate it!

Mary said...

Noah is so cute! I'm glad he's feeling better. I've enjoyed looking back through your posts. In case you're wondering, I popped in from Michelle's Big Blueberry Eyes blog.

Stephanie said...

I haven't used Aiden's monitor in forever, but his room is right next to ours and I have those "super human mommy ears" that can hear his toe twitch.

Glad to see Noah is cruising. We're working on getting Aiden to stand now.

Pam said...

Oh that last picture is sooooo cute!! Gosh we love that sweet little boy!!

I am glad the prilosec is making him feel better.

We had Rhett on Zyrtec, and it was making him all rashy and yucky too, so we switched him to Claratin and he is doing much better too. As if this kid needs allergies on top of everything else. Arhg!!

Anywyas, I hope your doggy does well with surgery. It's so sad when our pets our sick. Our doggies are part of our family not just a pet!!

Loves to you guys!

Pam and Rhett

Kari said...

Noah is so precious. I am thrilled you came by my blog! :) I so understand you when you say busy and in a blog funk I have my on and off times too. Noah is doing so fabulous keep up the hard work sweety!!
BTW haha I am Kari my daughter is Chanelle ooops LOL

Stephanie said...


Nancy said...

Thanks for your update. What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
In Him,

Pam said... how about another update??? I need to see more pictures of that boy!!

I have been thinking of you.


Pam and Rhett