Thursday, July 17, 2008

A breath of fresh air!

Ok, maybe not that much fresh air! Since starting Noah on daily flovent treatments, he has turned into a energetic and playful child. My DH says it is like putting water on a flower, and now we are watching him blossom.

We were not in the Pulmonolgists office 20 minutes before the Dr. stated clearly that Noah has asthma. Within one week of using the inhaler, Noah started sleeping through the night. He still enjoys getting up around 4:30- 5am, but no interruptions before than. His continuous wet cough all day long, has been reduced to a scattering thoughout the day. Mainly after eating, drinking , waking up and when outside.

He is becoming more mobile now as well. Climbing more (sorry Cody), crawling faster and cruising longer distances. He has also using a walker and started to test the waters on standing. With his sure steps on, he has stood for 8-10 seconds. Yippee!

Nan spending time with Noah.

We took Noah to see his cousin Sophia Grace over the 4th of July weekend. It was a 9 hour drive to NC and I spent about 7 hours in the back seat with Noah. We stopped to stretched our legs every 2 hours so the drive wasn't too bad. Seeing Sophia was worth the entire drive. She is so beautiful!
Nan's grandchildren


After having a family bar-b-que at my sister's on the 4th, we continued our trek east to spend a few days on Topsail Island, NC. Noah absolutely loved the beach and the ocean. No fear!

Mom, where did you go?

Daddy, quick put me down a big wave is coming!

Daddy........I LOVE YOU!
I love the beach!

OK, since I'm so horrible about keeping my blog up to date, I will finish with a few more updates on Noah.
Eating, is not our favorite subject these last few months. As eating continues to be an issue for Noah. His main source of nutrition is still pediasure. For a while he was refusing all foods, but has recently turned the corner and now only eats(with some refusal) yogurt and stage 2 oatmeal! He won't eat any table foods or anything with texture. I have a cabinet full of stage 2 veggies & fruits , that a few months ago he would eat without hesitation but now complete refusal. I have even tried pureeing foods, but no luck! But....don't let me forget to mention, Noah can spot an ice cream within a 100 mile radius and will gladly consume it! He will even self feed ice cream sandwichs. Everything else put in front of him gets tossed and gobbled up by the dog.

We are still working on control his aspiration/reflux. We are trying a medicine to see if we can reduce aspiration from below and better control the reflux. There are still talks about the Nissen surgery, but we are keeping our fingers crossed his new medicine will work. Thickened liquids have drastically improved his apirating.

We are extremely pleased with Noah's signing. He now knows and sign appropriately 15 signs (more, eat, drink, ball, bath, hat, dog, cat, book, hi/bye, swing , up, shoes & milk). Sometimes when all the stars line up and it's a full moon out, he may even sign Mama!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. Cheers, Terry