Monday, February 18, 2008

Gone to the Beach!

Well almost! Just a few more days and we are off to Florida. It will be our first plane ride with lil bugger. Hopefully he is a good baby, just like all the other babies I flew next to over the last 15 years. My DH and I went back and forth on whether or not to bite the bullet and purchase him a seat. We decided not to and now I have "cheapsake" remorse. Stay tune for the how we made out on a plane crammed full both ways. What the heck were we thinking?

Lil bugger has a double ear infection and a nasty cough. If that doesn't keep him and me up half the night .....teething does. Where are those dang teeth anyway? The other morning, my DH gives me gentle hug and tells me (with hopes of making me feeling better after another relatively sleepless night), " Just think in a few more days we will be on vacation isn't that great?" For a brief moment I drift off and will be great. Lil bugger will take 3 hour naps and sleep through the night and wake up at 9 Am every day. The little Sunshine state fairy will float in to change, feed and entertain him while I bask in the sun and read my book all day long. Won't she?

Seriously, I have been looking forward to our trip. It will be nice to have time off from work as well as not having to worry about all lil bugger's appointments, specialists & therapists for a week.

Sorry for no pictures this go around. My darn camera mysteriously broke. I turned it on the other day and all I can see on the screen is a "what appears to be a man's " thumb print impression. Hmmmm..... promise to post lots of snaps of our trip.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in need of them. Cheers - Terry

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Got Soy?

Is it just me, or does it really take an Act of God to land an appointment with a specialist? Our bugger has been having difficulties with his bottle, gagging/coughing the entire bottle. It started to worsen around the time we were transitioning from formula to milk. So we went back and forth with formula & milk but it hasn't improved. It wasn't until he got a stomach virus and started pediasure that we notice an improvement. Could he be allergic to milk? Pediasure has milk protein but is lactose free.....Hmmmm?

So back to what has been driving me absolutely bonkers..... Appointments! I've been trying to get an appointments with a GI & Allergist. Lil bugger needs a swallow study done , as it's believed he may be aspirating into his lungs. Yikes! So why is it so difficult? I have multiple names of specialists but have yet scored an appointment. Same excuse with every specialist. No appointments at this time. OK, so when is the next appointment? Who knows, I need to call back on the first, second, or fourth week of the month depending on the specialist and when their schedule opens. It is only that time will I find out if there is an appointment available for the following month. This could go on and on and on for months. Whatever happen to I'll take the first available appointment, it seems nonexistent. Now, it's like a mad dash to be the first one to call. Sort of like waiting in line for concert tickets, first come first scheduled. UGH!

So as we wait for the "impossible" appointment, we are experimenting on our own. We've started lil bugger on Soy milk and have eliminated all dairy. It seems to be working, but I'm not a specialist so what do I know? He still doesn't seem right, still fussy but at least he is not choking down his bottle. To boot, he is still having explosions. Double UGH!

Alrighty, I think I've griped enough, lets move on to some fun stuff. A few entries ago (see Mom I do post) I posted a picture of lil bugger when he was 3m old. I wanted to show everyone how darn cute he still looks in jeans at 15 m.

On Saturday, I took lil bugger to a music class sponsored by our local DS group. Last year, he slept through the whole session. This year, with the exception of a bottle break, he had a blast. He banged, rattled, clapped and kicked his feet the whole time. It was great to see him have so much fun with the other children. Here are a few of my favorites snaps:

As for new milestones, his signing is starting to grow. He can sign "more", "bath","thank -you & blow kisses -same sign. I'm pretty sure his next signs will be "hat" & "no" as he doesn't like wearing one. He is getting much faster crawling and can climb 4 steps independently. He also loves to open & close drawers and doors. His total tooth count ......still ZERO!

Well, I think I covered most everything rattling around in my head. We are heading into the icebox as far as the weather goes here....brrrrr. Looking forward to our trip to Florida later this month. Cheers - Terry

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My 1st Blogger Award

A big thank you to my sweet friend Stephanie at A is for Aiden , for honoring me with my very 1st blog award.

Who Me?

I was tagged by my friend Stephanie at A is for Aiden to write 7 random thoughts about myself. The funny thing is, lately I've had random stuff going on in my life so why not share a few random things about me.

1. Spring, hands down, is my favorite season. I just love all the flowers and warmer days.

2. I enjoy reading (when I can find time). Nothing better than a suspense/thriller to take you away.

3. I was the middle child and truly believe the definition of a middle child was coined after I was born.

4. I'm allergic to shellfish, only for the last 10 yrs. Yep, I know what it all taste like.

5. I survived a 30' fall off a ladder and was able to .....

6. Run a marathon in Alaska (1st & last)

7. Becoming a Mom has given me a whole new appreciation for my Mom.

I will pass this tag along shortly.......

Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogger Addict

No not me, my Mom. She love's that fact I have a blog for Noah, as it gives her a chance to show off her Grandson to all her friends. Just today, she gently reminded me (again) there hasn't been an update on Noah's Trek in QUITE awhile. She then started talking about all my friends' blogs and how they seem to update on a more regular basis. So, what is a daughter to do? Well, I have graciously dedicate this fashionably late entry to Noah's sweet Grandma - Nan.

Along with this dedication, I feel it's necessary to jot down a few things to say about my Mom. If nothing else, it will give her something she can share with all her friends. So here it goes:

I have been blessed in many ways throughout my life and having you as my Mom is one of those blessings. Our WEEEE early morning talks are so special to me. Thank you for not once hanging up on me. Your warm heart and kindness are unconditional and what I love most about you. I can only hope Noah feels the same way about me as I do about you! Mom, I love you to the Moon and back!

I would also like to announce my sister is expecting her first child and it's a Girl! We are so happy for both her & Nick. Mom, can you believe it? Finally, you will have a grandaughter!
OK, for those who are a little more patient. Here is a sneak preview to my next entry! This is a picture on Noah's cute hiney at 3m. Wait and see how adorable he looks at 15m...stay tuned!

P.S. For those who are in need of prayers, please know I am thinking of you. You are in my prayers everyday!
Cheers - Terry