Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look who is........

My Sweet Pumpkin turned two last Friday! Daddy surprised him with a new sandbox and lots of toys to play with. We had a small party on Saturday with a big dinosaur birthday cake. Noah opened lots of "big" boy toys this year ...dinosaurs, trucks, cars & beads ( for therapy....a little deceptive I know.

OK, he didn't eat any cake but he sure did think it was really cool & so did I. ( Thank you Aunt Ru Ru).

Some things about our "big" two year old ....
1. He is signing like crazy, last count was at 25 signs. His favorite is "help"
2. He is vocalizing more, lots of varying sounds and is starting to say "mmmama". He says ball, hat, hi, dada, daw "dog", uh oh, ut "up", mmmm "moo"& bah " baa".
3. He is drinking from a straw cup
4. He is showing interest in self feeding
5. He is learning to chew
6. He loves strawberry quik powder!
7. He loves to be outside especially with his Daddy
8. His loves to camp and hike. We can't get him inside ( just like his Daddy)
9. Our kids loves motorcycles. He is always asking Daddy to sit on his bike and walks around signing motorcyle and saying vrrrrooom! He doesn't watch a lot of T.V. unless of course Daddy happens to turn to a Monster Truck or Motorbike show then he is glued.
9. He is WALKING!!!! ( I attached a video at the end of the entry)

I am thrilled to annouce Noah started to walk a few weeks before his birthday. We were not even expecting it to happen so suddenly....once again Noah reminds us that is schedule is unpredictable! Now if we can only find his "off" button. Walking has allowed him to discover a whole new world. A world filled with adventurous explorations through our cabinets, drawers, closets, bathrooms, behind furniture, over furniture & where ever his pitter patter feet will lead him. He is so adorable when he follows us around like a little puppy. I can't say enough on how proud we are of our "big" boy.

Gee whiz Daddy makes this look so easy!

Vrrrooom Vrrrooom!

Hey, who wants to go for a hike....I do I do!

Look I'm actually keeping my hat one...hmmm must be pretty darn cold!

Can I play in this box?

I apologize for the sparse updates. It's been a busy time for us lately, and I just haven't had the focus time. I'm gracefully signing off with a beautiful video of Noah walking....Cheers, Terry

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tiger watch out!

This is a lot of work retrieving all these balls.

Summer has come to an end and what better way to bring in the Fall season than to go camping. We loaded the camper and headed West for the weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Temperature was a bit nippy but nothing to prevent us from enjoying the great outdoors.

Noah really enjoyed the whole camping experience this year. Especially since he got to sleep next to Daddy for two nights. Mom graciously gave up snuggle time with Noah to spend two nights fighting for covers with Cody ( our spoiled to the bone dog)who absolutely refused to sleep on the floor.

The highlight of our weekend was spending time around the campfire and managing to cook dinner over the open fire. Noah also helped Daddy warm up on the practice green before his early round of golf. I think he is going to be a natural.

OK, so what am I suppose to do with this?
Line myself up, I can barely stand!

Hi Mom, yes I know how to stand up all by myself. What's the big deal?

Come on Cody lets go play golf!

Nice horsey!

But Mom, you make me practice on the stairs at home....

Cody, look I can stand on this chair.
Uh Oooooh!

Noah continues to improve on his standing. He can now push up to a stand all by himself. He has become more brave with taking independent steps. He loves to climb or pull himself up, over and across anything he can. Stairs and chairs seem to be his favorite sport this month. Attempting to climb in and out of the the tub is a close third.

He has cut two top molars for a total of 5 teeth with a few promising bumps in the works. Poor little guy spends more time with his hand in his mouth which leaves little time to practice his eating...UGH. Thank goodness for pedisure.

I would also like to congratulate my friend Julia on her engagement to Jason. I wish them both the best of luck.

Cheers, Terry

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beach Bums again!

We were spoiled again by having the opportunity to spend a nice long weekend at my brother's beach place with my Mom. Chris, if you are reading this, we want to thank you for making our staying so much fun and relaxing. Noah really misses Tex, but don't tell Cody.

Here is our little guy showing off by taking a few steps.

We had him so exhausted with trying to take steps, he decided a nice cold one and a rest in his buggy was the safest place to be. While cooling his jets, we walked up to the boardwalk and Nan won him a polar bear by whacking a frog into a lily pad....after like 20 missed frog attempts!

Shhh! Don't tell Cody, but while at the beach Noah found a new friend Tex. I'll have to be honest, I was not sure how Tex would be around Noah but he immediately won my heart. It was love at first sight. Noah just adored him and would follow him everywhere. Which was not to hard, as he seemed to enjoy sleeping most of the day.

Oh Tex where are you?

I'm gonna get you....

Tex wait for me.....I'm coming!

Noah is still working on his standing and as has even surprised us by taking a few steps with lots of encouragement. I think he may have caught onto my eagerness for him to start walking, because lately he has been Mr. Jelly legs. He continues to find ways to remind me, that things will get accomplished on his schedule not mine.

Now lets talk about teeth. Yup, he sprouted another tooth. Top right and is working on cutting a molar. So officially the tooth count is up to 3 1/2. Still working on the GI & eating issues and hope to find some answers soon.

On a very sad note, friends of mine lost their 3 yr old daughter Arden, to cancer after a 10 month battle with stage IV, high risk Nueroblastoma. Arden will always have a special place in my heart. Her family will continue to be in my prayers. May they find comfort during this very difficult time. God Bless!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making Mommy Proud!

Wow, where has the Summer gone? I can't believe it's almost over. We have managed to keep ourselves busy with weekend trips and trying to stay healthy. Noah's health is much better this Summer than last for which I am very grateful for.

Last weekend, was spent at Aunt Ru & Uncle Greg's beach place. Noah loved watching the boats go by and especially enjoyed their heated pool. Despite Noah coming down with a poop virus and stinking up the whole place, we had a nice time. Poor little guy still has the darn poop virus :(

Noah is really starting to become more confident with taking assisted steps. He usually likes to walk while holding two hands, but lately he has been taking several steps with just one! He has mastered the walker and enjoys crashing into walls, furniture and running over toes & paws.

The biggest news to date is ......he is starting to stand all by himself! This weekend he turned the big corner and was pushing away to stand alone all the time. The pictures will tell you how proud he has been. He is even trying to push to a stand from the bear crawl.

Look everyone I think I'm standing all by myself!!!

Is everyone still looking because I'm still standing....

I can take steps with Aunt Ru and wave at the same time

Aunt Ru & Uncle Greg helping me take steps.

Thank you Aunt Ru & Uncle Greg , I had a great time at your beach place.

He has also mastered how to push buttons, especially the ones on the remote and phone. I haven't been able to snag a picture yet....but he loves to point the remote to the TV and push the buttons. He likes to stand next to the TV and push the buttons as well. My DH just loves that during a nail biting sports event! It just melts my heart how he is starting to learn more and more everyday.
He also is learning signs like crazy, he has added hurt, horse, pig & sheep to his list. I'm trying to teach him please and sorry as he is enjoying his "terrible twos" along with all this new learning.

This weekend we are off to the beach again, this time to spend time with my Mom. Cheers, Terry

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A breath of fresh air!

Ok, maybe not that much fresh air! Since starting Noah on daily flovent treatments, he has turned into a energetic and playful child. My DH says it is like putting water on a flower, and now we are watching him blossom.

We were not in the Pulmonolgists office 20 minutes before the Dr. stated clearly that Noah has asthma. Within one week of using the inhaler, Noah started sleeping through the night. He still enjoys getting up around 4:30- 5am, but no interruptions before than. His continuous wet cough all day long, has been reduced to a scattering thoughout the day. Mainly after eating, drinking , waking up and when outside.

He is becoming more mobile now as well. Climbing more (sorry Cody), crawling faster and cruising longer distances. He has also using a walker and started to test the waters on standing. With his sure steps on, he has stood for 8-10 seconds. Yippee!

Nan spending time with Noah.

We took Noah to see his cousin Sophia Grace over the 4th of July weekend. It was a 9 hour drive to NC and I spent about 7 hours in the back seat with Noah. We stopped to stretched our legs every 2 hours so the drive wasn't too bad. Seeing Sophia was worth the entire drive. She is so beautiful!
Nan's grandchildren


After having a family bar-b-que at my sister's on the 4th, we continued our trek east to spend a few days on Topsail Island, NC. Noah absolutely loved the beach and the ocean. No fear!

Mom, where did you go?

Daddy, quick put me down a big wave is coming!

Daddy........I LOVE YOU!
I love the beach!

OK, since I'm so horrible about keeping my blog up to date, I will finish with a few more updates on Noah.
Eating, is not our favorite subject these last few months. As eating continues to be an issue for Noah. His main source of nutrition is still pediasure. For a while he was refusing all foods, but has recently turned the corner and now only eats(with some refusal) yogurt and stage 2 oatmeal! He won't eat any table foods or anything with texture. I have a cabinet full of stage 2 veggies & fruits , that a few months ago he would eat without hesitation but now complete refusal. I have even tried pureeing foods, but no luck! But....don't let me forget to mention, Noah can spot an ice cream within a 100 mile radius and will gladly consume it! He will even self feed ice cream sandwichs. Everything else put in front of him gets tossed and gobbled up by the dog.

We are still working on control his aspiration/reflux. We are trying a medicine to see if we can reduce aspiration from below and better control the reflux. There are still talks about the Nissen surgery, but we are keeping our fingers crossed his new medicine will work. Thickened liquids have drastically improved his apirating.

We are extremely pleased with Noah's signing. He now knows and sign appropriately 15 signs (more, eat, drink, ball, bath, hat, dog, cat, book, hi/bye, swing , up, shoes & milk). Sometimes when all the stars line up and it's a full moon out, he may even sign Mama!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. Cheers, Terry

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Summer is officially here so we opened the pool! OK, we really didn't open the pool..we actually used a hand pump and hose. Noah couldn't wait to jump in and despite the water temperature he insisted on taking a dip.
I also posted a few pictures from last weekend when we visited Aunt Ru Ru and Uncle Greg's for a Bar-B-Que.

Daddy get off the phone so you can go swimming with me!

Yea, I finally got my own pool...thanks Mama!

I need a haircut real bad!

Who wants a cold one?

Hey! Watch ya looking at? I'm the bad boy in town today!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sophia Grace...has arrived!!!

My sister Melissa & her DH Nick's bundle of joy finally arrived in the wee early morning today. I would like to welcome Sophia Grace to our family. She is absolutely beautiful!

Melissa I'm am so proud of you and can't wait to meet Sophia and see her amazing Mom! I Love you with all my heart! Congratulations to you both! Hugs & Kisses - Terry, Charlie & Noah xoxoxo

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Remember Father's Day last year when you had to prop me up for a picture?

Now look how much fun we are having. I love you so much. Noah xoxo
Ps. So does Mommy!

A special Father's Day wish to my Dad, who I love & miss more than words will ever describe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It wasn't me!

A little update on Noah. He will be 20 months old on Tuesday and I still can't believe how quickly time has passed us by. When he is healthy ( which seems rare these last few months) he has really been on the go. He loves to crawl everywhere, cruise along the furniture, climb up & down the stairs without any fear! A big change from just 6 months ago.

His new "trick" is to crawl really fast into the bathroom and pull up to the toilet....and yes splash in the water! EEEEWeee! You can bet, our toilets have never been cleaner! Oh yea, I forgot to mention after he is done drowning his hands in the toilet water, he grabs the TP and pulls it all they way out of the bathroom. You gotta love this kid's adventure!

I wish I can say his mouth is full of teeth, but can only report what is true ....only two bottom teeth that popped through in March! Still working on eating, which has regressed since being sick. We have made progress with transitioning from bottle to straw cup. He is doing great with the straw cup! I'm so proud of him. I still haven't had the heart to take away his morning bottle (mainly because that is when he will consume the most pediasure without a fight and secondly because he still loves his bottle).

He is also doing well with walking behind his pushcart. His PT thinks SureSteps will help him even more so he will be fitted for a pair in the next week or so. He is not yet standing by himself but I don't think we are too far away. He is starting to test his boundaries, by pushing away from the couch for a second or so. It's so cute how excited he gets.

When he first wakes, one of the first thing he does ( after his bottle of course) is point and say " wa daat? "to everything. I say , my nose, my ear, my eyes, my hair , my mouth , my pillow, my arm and so on. This can go on for 15-20 minutes and at 5am , it feels like an eternity. But so adorable.

Well I hope I covered all the highlights for now. I'll be sure to add anything I missed on my next post. I posted some random pictures below. Enjoy Cheers, Terry

The kayak is still beached, just in case anyone was wondering why Noah didn't have a life jacket.

"Wa Daat?"

Oh darn, I can't reach my hands in that water!