Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making Mommy Proud!

Wow, where has the Summer gone? I can't believe it's almost over. We have managed to keep ourselves busy with weekend trips and trying to stay healthy. Noah's health is much better this Summer than last for which I am very grateful for.

Last weekend, was spent at Aunt Ru & Uncle Greg's beach place. Noah loved watching the boats go by and especially enjoyed their heated pool. Despite Noah coming down with a poop virus and stinking up the whole place, we had a nice time. Poor little guy still has the darn poop virus :(

Noah is really starting to become more confident with taking assisted steps. He usually likes to walk while holding two hands, but lately he has been taking several steps with just one! He has mastered the walker and enjoys crashing into walls, furniture and running over toes & paws.

The biggest news to date is ......he is starting to stand all by himself! This weekend he turned the big corner and was pushing away to stand alone all the time. The pictures will tell you how proud he has been. He is even trying to push to a stand from the bear crawl.

Look everyone I think I'm standing all by myself!!!

Is everyone still looking because I'm still standing....

I can take steps with Aunt Ru and wave at the same time

Aunt Ru & Uncle Greg helping me take steps.

Thank you Aunt Ru & Uncle Greg , I had a great time at your beach place.

He has also mastered how to push buttons, especially the ones on the remote and phone. I haven't been able to snag a picture yet....but he loves to point the remote to the TV and push the buttons. He likes to stand next to the TV and push the buttons as well. My DH just loves that during a nail biting sports event! It just melts my heart how he is starting to learn more and more everyday.
He also is learning signs like crazy, he has added hurt, horse, pig & sheep to his list. I'm trying to teach him please and sorry as he is enjoying his "terrible twos" along with all this new learning.

This weekend we are off to the beach again, this time to spend time with my Mom. Cheers, Terry