Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look who is........

My Sweet Pumpkin turned two last Friday! Daddy surprised him with a new sandbox and lots of toys to play with. We had a small party on Saturday with a big dinosaur birthday cake. Noah opened lots of "big" boy toys this year ...dinosaurs, trucks, cars & beads ( for therapy....a little deceptive I know.

OK, he didn't eat any cake but he sure did think it was really cool & so did I. ( Thank you Aunt Ru Ru).

Some things about our "big" two year old ....
1. He is signing like crazy, last count was at 25 signs. His favorite is "help"
2. He is vocalizing more, lots of varying sounds and is starting to say "mmmama". He says ball, hat, hi, dada, daw "dog", uh oh, ut "up", mmmm "moo"& bah " baa".
3. He is drinking from a straw cup
4. He is showing interest in self feeding
5. He is learning to chew
6. He loves strawberry quik powder!
7. He loves to be outside especially with his Daddy
8. His loves to camp and hike. We can't get him inside ( just like his Daddy)
9. Our kids loves motorcycles. He is always asking Daddy to sit on his bike and walks around signing motorcyle and saying vrrrrooom! He doesn't watch a lot of T.V. unless of course Daddy happens to turn to a Monster Truck or Motorbike show then he is glued.
9. He is WALKING!!!! ( I attached a video at the end of the entry)

I am thrilled to annouce Noah started to walk a few weeks before his birthday. We were not even expecting it to happen so suddenly....once again Noah reminds us that is schedule is unpredictable! Now if we can only find his "off" button. Walking has allowed him to discover a whole new world. A world filled with adventurous explorations through our cabinets, drawers, closets, bathrooms, behind furniture, over furniture & where ever his pitter patter feet will lead him. He is so adorable when he follows us around like a little puppy. I can't say enough on how proud we are of our "big" boy.

Gee whiz Daddy makes this look so easy!

Vrrrooom Vrrrooom!

Hey, who wants to go for a hike....I do I do!

Look I'm actually keeping my hat one...hmmm must be pretty darn cold!

Can I play in this box?

I apologize for the sparse updates. It's been a busy time for us lately, and I just haven't had the focus time. I'm gracefully signing off with a beautiful video of Noah walking....Cheers, Terry