Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back from the beach...fun!

We had a wonderful time at the beach last week. I am so grateful to have a generous brother who happens to own a beach house and made it available to us for a week. Noah got to spend time with his Nan, Aunt Melissa, Niece Sophia & Uncle Chris. The weather was perfect and both kids loved the beach. Noah preferred to keep his feet "sand free", an impossible task when we couldn't keep him out of the water. He kept asking to have his feet wiped clean everytime they hit the sand. I can't blame him, I'm not a huge sand fan either

He insisted on having his own ice cream, despite Daddy's efforts to share his.
Our future life guard !
Ok, so we are still working on potty training. Supervision is still required unless you have endless quantities of toilet paper hanging around. Noah continues to make positive strides in the potty training department. I am a big fan of pull ups especially when they stay dry!

Noah's new obsession involves arcade car games. It was difficult to walk by the numerous arcades on the boardwalk without making a "pit stop" and allowing him to drive his favorite "Drift" car. An ice cream bribe was the only way to convince him to release his death grip from the steering wheel.

Our family's love for the Frog Game has now been passed down to Noah. He loved to play with Nan. I can't forget to mention that he even got a frog into the lily pad and won a stuffed dog!
He is just to darn cute!
What a good role model, showing Sophia how to be independent when it comes to finding the yummiest treats in the refrigerator.
My sister, Mom & niece Sophia and of course Noah on our last day! It was hard to say good bye after such a wonderful time. Looking forward to next year!
Cheers, Terry


Stephanie said...

I love the potty picture!

And for some odd reason, Aiden has taken a fancy to steering wheels also.

Dara said...

Hi, Terry, Noah and Charlie!!!
LOVE the photos. Too cute! What beach?
Finally got my own blog based on the book I have coming out in a couple of months, Woody's Garden. Check it out and lemme know what you think: griefdog.blogspot.com

Dara said...

Hey, Terry,
Noah is cuter than ever! How are you doing???
Finally got a blog going and I'm trying to figure out how and why I should tweet it and trackback and all that...: http://griefdog.blogspot.com/
Got a new dog book, too: Woody's Garden. Check it out: www.xlibris.com/WoodysGarden
For all the PET LOVERS among us... How's your dog?

ParkerMama said...

Miss you1