Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally a blog...

I finally crawled out of the stone age and created a web page to journal my son Noah's adventures and ok mine too!

I'm a first time Mommy and enjoying every moment. I have a wonderful DH who is the greatest Dad ever. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Noah's best buddy Cody. He is our 7yr old yellow Lab. In between being a mom & wife, I also work for a wonderful company who really cares about their people. They were generous enough to allow me to work a flexible schedule. A schedule which allows me to take Noah to all his appointments and spend more time with him.

Noah is our first child and surprised us by joining us 4 weeks early. No need to go into the details of labor, just a quick mention that we didn't know the sex so we were pretty excited for the arrival. Come to find out there was one more thing we didn't know about. Our dear Noah gave us yet another surprise, he was born with Down Syndrome (T21).

Initially, I felt so lost,confused and well lets just say overwhelmed. It didn't help that we left the hospital without him ,as he would spend the next month in NICU getting adjusted to his new world. Slowly but surely people(who we didn't know) started reaching out who really understood. Don't get me wrong my family and close friends were there too but just in a different way.

Noah will be 15 months old on Thursday. I'm still scratching my head wondering where the time has gone. Since the day Noah was born, he has shown us the beauty of the unexpected. He has taught us that patience allows us to cherish each moment longer.

Over the past 15 months, I have met so many wonderful people in association with our son having DS. Quite honestly, many of my new found friends are "cyber" friends. Even though I have not actually met any of them, I feel a strong bond with them. Friendships I never would have discovered without Noah in my life. I'm grateful to know such kind, caring and loving people. They all have their own special ways of reaching out to offer support, advice,prayers and encouragement whenever needed. Thank you T21 board friends for inspiring me to come out of my shell to share Noah's amazing trek through life.

My hope is to continue to post regular updates on Noah and life events in general. I also will post more pictures as I become more familiar with customizing the blog.

Stay tuned........Cheers - Terry ( Noah's Mom)


amy flege said...

Beautiful Terry! I cant wait to hear more about your life with your gorgeous boy!! Your blog looks great!!

Stephanie said...

I second what Amy says, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Bennetts said...

Nice job Terry and thank you for the invitation to your blog..I can't wait to read more about Noah and you...By the way you told me you had thought of naming Noah Chase, well our 8 year old sons name is Cody...hee hee

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So glad you joined the blogging world. I'll add you to my blogroll!

Dara said...

Hey, Terry. This is great! I love Noah's Halloween costume. The blog looks fantastic.