Saturday, January 26, 2008


I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for this entry. To start, our little bugger is becoming quite the adventurer these days. He has discovered so many new secret places while exploring around the house. Like his forte under the dining room table and his favorite place to hide toys, behind Dada's chair. He is so sneaky too! If you are paying attention to him, you'd think he was a statue sometimes. But walk away for a few seconds and he is gone! Run the vacuum or sweep and he is like a cat chasing after a mouse. I have been really getting a work out these last couple of months, and happy to be doing so!

He also has a new interest in puzzles. He likes to help pick up the pieces for Dada. Shhh! Don't tell but I found a missing puzzle piece down Noah's shirt when getting him ready for a bath. Hee! Hee!

So back to why Kaboom is so appropriate ! A few days ago, we were all sitting in the family room catching up on the day's events. Noah was playing at his stand behind "make a lot of noise" Elmo toy ,wiggling his cute butt to the ABC song for the millionth time. When all of the sudden, he decides to take a side step towards the coffee table and KABOOM! It was like watching a slow motion film, he tumbled and bonked his noggin on the table. Oooowie! A slight delay and the music began. Oh how terrible I felt :( But what can I say our bugger is a fighter. He only required a few hugs and kisses and he was back playing with Elmo....again.

I would really be stretching the truth if I proclaimed this was his 1st boo-boo. Actually, it's his 1st self inflicted one. But honestly, Noah can thank his parent's for his 1st set of boo-boo's. First, it was the darn car seat buckle. Why are they so darn tight between the legs? Well as you probably envisioned, I snapped the buckle and pinched his leg! Ugh, my stomach just about turned on that one. Not to mention it was right after his doctors appt. where was already stabbed with two needles. My DH shortly followed suite and pinched his other leg. Oh why does this child still love us so?

OK, the second half of the KABOOM story is still ongoing. For the last 4 days, Noah has been in the trenches with an awful stomach bug and upper respiratory infection. It started with the upstairs plumbing springing a leak and then KABOOM, explosions every hour from the downstairs plumbing. Oh my, poor little bugger can't even log in a decent nap without an explosion interrupting him.

Ironically, even as lethargic and sick he is, our little "stinker" has really enjoyed his multiple baths each day. I, on the other hand, have been up to my eyeballs in dirty laundry and waste disposal management. I did find comfort with a comment made by Noah's doctor the other day. She said "His symptoms are very common with all the kids were are seeing these days." I smiled and thanked her.

Here is a picture of how our little bugger has been feeling the last few days. His best buddy Cody has not left his side.

Even though Noah has been under the weather, he still continues to amaze us. He is now signing the word "more" appropriately and it's soooo adorable! I gave him a pretzel the other day, and always keep an extra on hand. Well, he took the 1st pretzel and was looking at the second one in my hand. After a moment , he started to sign MORE! With great pleasure and a huge smile I gave him the second pretzel. He also is starting to curl his little fingers when waving bye-bye. He just continues to melt our hearts.

Well, if you made it this far I thank you for gutting it out. All in all we are doing fine.

Cheers- Terry


Stephanie said...

Aiden has had a few KABOOMS himself. But it doesn't take long for him to bounce right back from them.

amy flege said...

Oh no! sorry about the kaboom!!! those darn things happen!! I hope sweet noah is starting to feel better! It really stinks when they are sick!! (oops no pun intended!)

Kacey Bode said...

Noah is very cute!! Hope he gets to feeling better soon, the picture of him sleeping with the dog is very sweet!

Erin said...

Noah is just so cute. Jesse shakes his butt to dancing. I love it.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh if you only knew the stories of the wounds Preston received due to my negligence. Check out my post titled "The Guilty Mom." I'd link you straight to it if I had the time. He is so cute playing with the puzzle!

BTW Gabi is doing fantastic with her glasses. Thanks for asking.