Monday, February 18, 2008

Gone to the Beach!

Well almost! Just a few more days and we are off to Florida. It will be our first plane ride with lil bugger. Hopefully he is a good baby, just like all the other babies I flew next to over the last 15 years. My DH and I went back and forth on whether or not to bite the bullet and purchase him a seat. We decided not to and now I have "cheapsake" remorse. Stay tune for the how we made out on a plane crammed full both ways. What the heck were we thinking?

Lil bugger has a double ear infection and a nasty cough. If that doesn't keep him and me up half the night .....teething does. Where are those dang teeth anyway? The other morning, my DH gives me gentle hug and tells me (with hopes of making me feeling better after another relatively sleepless night), " Just think in a few more days we will be on vacation isn't that great?" For a brief moment I drift off and will be great. Lil bugger will take 3 hour naps and sleep through the night and wake up at 9 Am every day. The little Sunshine state fairy will float in to change, feed and entertain him while I bask in the sun and read my book all day long. Won't she?

Seriously, I have been looking forward to our trip. It will be nice to have time off from work as well as not having to worry about all lil bugger's appointments, specialists & therapists for a week.

Sorry for no pictures this go around. My darn camera mysteriously broke. I turned it on the other day and all I can see on the screen is a "what appears to be a man's " thumb print impression. Hmmmm..... promise to post lots of snaps of our trip.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in need of them. Cheers - Terry


Stephanie said...

Since Aiden has the same teething issue, and his ST was here the other day, she recommended trying one of the spinning toothbrushes to help thin the skin on the gums. Aiden has his two bottom teeth trying to pop through.

Michelle said...

Have fun in FL! Hope he's feeling better for the trip though, must be miserable w/the double ear infection!

When Kayla was 9 months we took our first plane trip and I debated about buying that extra seat too. I'm also a cheapsake LOL But when we were at the gate checking in I asked if they had 3 seats together since we were flying with a baby and we lucked out - they put us in an aisle and window seat (since middle seats fill up last) and thank goodness that flt wasn't full so we had the middle seat as well. Always worth asking about!

Michelle said...

I hope your trip is just splendid! And, I also hope dear Noah feels better soon! huggers from me and Elliot!!

Tammy and Parker said...

I hope your trip is awesome and that Noah is feeling well!

Tammy and Parker

Pam said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful time!! Looking forward to lots of pictures!!!


amy flege said...

I hope you had a great time in florida!! cant wait to see pictures too! I am so jealous as we have gotten so much snow here, its depressing.....send some warm sunshine my way, ok??
oh and soaps are almost done!!!

Pam said...

Ahem......waiting for pictures....and a Noah update?

Come on, I'm going through withdrawls here!!


Pam and Rhett