Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Remember Father's Day last year when you had to prop me up for a picture?

Now look how much fun we are having. I love you so much. Noah xoxo
Ps. So does Mommy!

A special Father's Day wish to my Dad, who I love & miss more than words will ever describe.

2 comments: said...

Terry, I love it. Thank you so much. What a delightful surprise. You can't imagine how much it lifted my spirits.

The bracelet is beautiful, but I have to say that your heart is even more so.

One day we are going to have to get together and meet. And get our boys together. Deal?

Pam said...

Oh my goodness!! Noah is HUGE compared to last year!! What a great set of pictures!!

Thank you so much, Andy just called and told me about the card and suprise. You are simply wonderful, and we love you guys so much.

I hope Noah continues to stay well.

Sending lots of hugs your way!!

Pam and Rhett