Thursday, June 12, 2008

It wasn't me!

A little update on Noah. He will be 20 months old on Tuesday and I still can't believe how quickly time has passed us by. When he is healthy ( which seems rare these last few months) he has really been on the go. He loves to crawl everywhere, cruise along the furniture, climb up & down the stairs without any fear! A big change from just 6 months ago.

His new "trick" is to crawl really fast into the bathroom and pull up to the toilet....and yes splash in the water! EEEEWeee! You can bet, our toilets have never been cleaner! Oh yea, I forgot to mention after he is done drowning his hands in the toilet water, he grabs the TP and pulls it all they way out of the bathroom. You gotta love this kid's adventure!

I wish I can say his mouth is full of teeth, but can only report what is true ....only two bottom teeth that popped through in March! Still working on eating, which has regressed since being sick. We have made progress with transitioning from bottle to straw cup. He is doing great with the straw cup! I'm so proud of him. I still haven't had the heart to take away his morning bottle (mainly because that is when he will consume the most pediasure without a fight and secondly because he still loves his bottle).

He is also doing well with walking behind his pushcart. His PT thinks SureSteps will help him even more so he will be fitted for a pair in the next week or so. He is not yet standing by himself but I don't think we are too far away. He is starting to test his boundaries, by pushing away from the couch for a second or so. It's so cute how excited he gets.

When he first wakes, one of the first thing he does ( after his bottle of course) is point and say " wa daat? "to everything. I say , my nose, my ear, my eyes, my hair , my mouth , my pillow, my arm and so on. This can go on for 15-20 minutes and at 5am , it feels like an eternity. But so adorable.

Well I hope I covered all the highlights for now. I'll be sure to add anything I missed on my next post. I posted some random pictures below. Enjoy Cheers, Terry

The kayak is still beached, just in case anyone was wondering why Noah didn't have a life jacket.

"Wa Daat?"

Oh darn, I can't reach my hands in that water!


Stephanie said...

Aiden is a water baby also. And while we play outside everyday, he still isn't too sure of the grass.

Megan said...

Love the pictures! :)

Mary said...

I love hearing about all the adventures Noah is taking. I think it amazing the progress our children make in such a short period of time.

Michelle said...

great update on Noah! He's just so darn cute! What is it with the TP?! Every kid seems to love making a mess with it!

Carey said...

hey there! chelsea loves the toilet too! she's actually not as bad as she used to be, so there is hope he'll grow out of it. the down side though? she's moved on to bigger scarier things ... like as soon as she gets outside, she darts for the street! Yikes! she spends a lot of time strapped down when we're outside, in the stroller, the swing, the wagon, whatever has a seat belt! hope you're having a great summer! said...

What a doll! And he is doing so well!